Tomb Hunter – Heroine Movies


After two humiliating experiences (in Agent Alexis and Agent Alexis 2), Alexis has retired from the agency. Now a full-time college student, she prepares to study and spend some alone time with her boyfriend. Little does she know, however, that her boyfriend works undercover for a rival agency and has been tasked with rendering Alexis unconscious and finding whatever valuable information he can from her.

After he slips a mysterious powder into her drink, which renders her dizzy and then unconscious, he frisks her and plays with her unconscious body. When she awakens, a fight ensues, but Alexis finds herself repeatedly defeated and knocked out. Just as she gets her second wind, her boyfriend’s boss arrives, ready to dish out additional punishment to the retired agent. They leave her knocked out and tied to a table and retire for the evening.

When they return, they discover that Alexis has escaped, only to return in full Tomb Hunter costume. The two thugs beat up Alexis, tie her up by her wrists, beat her some more, knock her out repeatedly, bear hug her, back-break her, carry her around, tie her on the ground, humiliate her, take pictures of her, scan her eyes, fingerprint her, and generally torment her for the remainder of the video.

Running time: 44 minutes

Contains: AOH (Arms-Over-Head), Arms Held, Backbreaker, Bearhug(s), Belly Punching, Bondage, Debooting, Dizziness, Face Punching, Gunplay, Handcuffs, KO, Lift and Carry, Multiple Attackers, Over-the-Shoulder Carry, Rag KO, Ragdoll, and more!

Date: October 24, 2021