The Interview – Heroine Movies


Jade Hunt, a female reporter who’s used to danger and peril, needs something big for her career to evolve. Her friend Pierre gives her the opportunity to work on a really big story: somebody’s using a chemical factory to develop and sell chemical weapons to African countries in civil war.

Jade organizes an interview with the CEO (played by Ella Dora) and her mute female assistant (played by Désirée Felis N.). Jade thinks she is handling this perilous situation, but things turn bad for her…

She’ll get knocked-out with a chemical product, waterboard-tortured in a bathtub, interrogated with intense electric shocks… Finally, she’ll end up tied up on a bed, with no shirt, and tortures continue (belly punches, nails in the legs)… Will she finally talk?

This video is REALLY intense and very violent. ADULTS ONLY. Please, viewer discretion is advised. 18 minutes – HD – mp4.

Date: October 24, 2021