Supra Girl Betrayed – Heroine Movies


[Spoilers ahead] While studying with her best friend Erica (Rin X), Supra Girl (Savannah Dea) receives a message about a potentially deadly hostage situation. When she arrives at the location, she encounters a super-powered villainess (Jessica Bellisimo) who wants nothing more than to destroy Supra Girl. Even worse: the villainess has taken Erica hostage.

Supra Girl has little trouble disabling the villainess in battle… until her best friend betrays her by tossing a mysterious green liquid on her. Severely weakened, betrayed, and suffering from the effects of the green liquid, Supra Girl receives a vicious two-against-one beatdown from her former best friend and the villainess. Adding insult to injury, the evildoers force Supra to drink the green liquid, pour more green liquid onto her costume, and rub the liquid all over her body. (Bad end.)

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Date: October 24, 2021