Pentacle 4 – Heroine Movies


In Pentacle Episode 1, heroine Eiona was defeated and left for dead while she was trying to rescue her friend who’s been captured by the Beast. She wakes up in a dark strange place, actually between life and death, and Kifrin, the guardian, explains to her she’ll have to fight against the five elements to get her life back.

In Pentacle Episode 2 and 3, Eiona had to fought against tough enemies, the Troll, Jira, Sirene and her own friend’s evil-twin…

In this 4th episode, will Eiona be able to win against her last ennemis, and finally save Elissandra, captured by The Beast?

This fantasy/fetish/adventurous movie includes fights, plenty of belly punches, bondage, beatdown…

This movie is 20-minutes long – 720p – mp4

Date: October 24, 2021