Magnificent Girl – Heroine Movies


Magnificent Girl finds herself mixed up in the plot of a criminal mastermind who has a secret plan to destroy her. Magnificent Girl confronts him and his henchman, dishing out punishment to both of them and preparing to take them to the proper authorities.

But when her nemesis reveals the results of his mysterious and dangerous plot, Magnificent Girl must battle against a powerful humanoid opponent. After a grueling struggle, things go downhill for Magnificent Girl, who finds herself on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown, and then bound to a table and subjected to weakening radiation.

Includes: super powers (bulletproof, invulnerable, energy ray from hand), initial superheroine domination of male opponents, belly punching, face slaps, face punches, stomach kicks, hair pulling, throat-lift, choking, bear hugs, backbreaker, weakening radiation, two-on-one beatdown, rag KO, arms held, over-the-shoulder carry, bound while unconscious, bondage, de-booting, death ending.

Date: October 25, 2021