Final Offer 2 – Heroine Movies


Previously, in Final Offer 1 – Céline, a beautiful young woman, owns a very classy hotel in the center of Paris. Juliana needs to buy it; it’s very important for her business career. But there’s no way Céline will agree to make the sale. Julia’s ambition will lead her to total madness…

After kidnapping her, and a long day full of tortures (belly punches, face slapping, knife play, electric shocks, burns…), Céline finally agrees to sign the contract, tortures are just too much for her. But is not over; evil Juliana drugs Céline to make her lose her memories, and organizes a car accident…

In this second and final episode, Céline is getting back from the hospital. She tried to kill herself twice. Fortunately for her, her new friend Adele took care of her, and now the two girls live together in the same apartment in Paris. Adele knows what happened… And she’ll push Céline to get revenge. Together, they’ll kidnap Juliana to make her pay… and confess her crime.

Final Offer 2 is produced by JACQUES, same producer as the first episode. It includes injection of drugs, waterboarding sequence, plenty of belly and face punches, electricity torture, knife play and some bloody action.

41 minutes. HD. mp4. French language, English subtitles.

Date: October 24, 2021