Doll House – Heroine Movies


Jade Hunt wants to investigate about “snuff movies” business. She meets Sapphire, who has connections… Sapphire agrees to help Jade, but she needs pictures of herself for her website…

Jade fall into Sapphire’s trap… she’ll become the play doll of that crazy girl who’s gonna drug her, slowly undress her, then dress her like a doll…

Sapphire will tied Jade up against a wall, and will torture during a sadistic game using a tarot deck, for her webcam client named Arkan. Will Jade Hunt be able to get herself free from evil Sapphire ?

This movie includes KO by drug, long KO play, undressing, bondage, belly punches, belly torture, strangulation and much more…

Movie is 30-minute long – mp4 – 720p – stereo.

Date: October 24, 2021