Asami 3 – Heroine Movies


Having recovered from her humiliating defeat in Asami 2, Asami vows to return to battle the forces of evil. She obtains employment as a secretary for the front company of an organization with ties to international terrorism. She is caught searching for evidence, leading to hand-to-hand combat against a male opponent. Asami transforms into her super-powered form to dish out punishment to her opponent and obtain more information.

But her quest is interrupted by a new villain with super-strength. He’s been studying Asami’s history, searching for weaknesses, and when the time comes, he dishes out a devastating beatdown with the help of his henchman. Both men want to destroy and humiliate Asami, and they take their time dishing out a punishing beating to our poor heroine.

Includes: Arms Held, Bearhug(s), Belly Punching, Chloro, Choking, Costume Transformation, Dizziness, Face Punching, KO, Multiple Attackers, Over-the-Shoulder Carry, Rag KO, Stomach Kicking, and More…

Running time: 26:40 • 813 MB

Date: October 24, 2021