Agent Alexis 2 – Heroine Movies


Agent Alexis returns for revenge against the scumbag from the first Agent Alexis video. After she very quickly disables him and turns him over to The Organization for interrogation, she returns to his lair in casual clothes to search for clues. Unfortunately, his identical evil twin brother is there waiting for her.

In this 53-minute custom video, Agent Alexis finds herself repeatedly knocked out and rendered unconscious and helpless. The villain frisks her, plays with her arms and legs, drags her around, puts her on a table, and verbally taunts her. Occasionally, she awakens and sometimes engages in a quick fight scene, only to be beaten up and knocked out again, tied up, interrogated, punched, carried, and generally tormented.

Includes: Taser, dizziness, belly punching, face punching, verbal taunting, multiple KOs, rag dolling, frisking, bondage, heroine dragged across floor, interrogation, rag KOs, cradle carry (brief), over the shoulder carry (brief), heroine grabbed by collar, face kick, verbal submission, and more.

Note: This is a custom video with an emphasis on an unconscious heroine and includes long sequences in which Agent Alexis is knocked out and helpless. There are brief fight scenes in which the heroine is totally dominated and rendered unconscious, but the focus is on KOs and unconsciousness.

Date: October 24, 2021