Acherontia 2 – Heroine Movies


Sibel is 19. She is French, living in Paris. Ten years ago, something terrible happened to her. Since that day, she has got only one dream: revenge.

5 people. 5 targets. She uses an Acherontia (a “skull-look” butterfly) to annonce her presence, and scare her victim. She is determined, trained to fight and to resist to pain…

In Acherontia part one, Sibel was looking for her first hit: Gregory Maltais… and succeed to violently kill him after a long and intense torture session in a gloomy basement.

In this second part, her target is a girl ; a Police officer… (perfectly played by Chloé, from Fanny Eder series).

This movie includes violent catfight, belly punches, drowning torture and other various tortures… (and more).

14 minutes – 720p – mp4

WARNING : ACHERONTIA series is very VIOLENT. Viewer discretion is advised.

Date: October 24, 2021